Blog 6 — Adrianne

To me, this independent study is one a long project. Some days, it doesn’t even feel like a class. We show up to class, work on our blogs and our project, get as much as we can do done then go home. It’s like a job… which I think I enjoy. When we’re working, we are all working on our individual projects but we call out to each other and have each other test things, proof read and bounce ideas off of; exactly like what I did at my internships and what I do with my current work as a recruiter and manager.

If the goal of school is to prepare us for the work life then I think this class does a really good job of it. I don’t think it fails at the learning part either. We are learning how to use the various digital tools simply by being forced to use it, which is something I will have to do in my profession after graduation, management consulting. However, sometimes I wish we were also learning more content. The focus of the class is Asian American narratives; basically what is it like to be Asian American, so the materials we write on are essentially reflections on things that have happened in our lives. It does not feel rigorous at times. I do believe this reflection and sharing is important but as a Davidson student I always feel like I should be learning something new in regards to content. The work we are making will benefit others in terms of content and the process of how these things are done will benefit us. But it simply just does not feel like being a student while we are doing it. Perhaps it feels more like an internship? Several schools do have internships as a replacement for a class so Davidson is not far off base. Again, weird and new but not bad!

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