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My classmates and I decided to put together a video on Asian American history. I have always been interested in animation and my classmates wanted to put together something new for the ExpectAsian website. So this week, to start on it I began to learn After Effects and I began to wonder, why haven’t I learned animation software before?

Since I was young, I have always been interested in it. When I heard that animators used math in their animations, I got even more excited about it. But I never really knew too much about it. Digital studies were a part of those off the beaten track subjects that didn’t get talked about until college (and why is that?).

In high school art classes, the most we would do is watch animated films made by art students in other schools and talk a little bit about the colors and shadowing and the use of the medium to recreate things. We honed our knowledge in color, perspective and traditional mediums; all important for studying how we interact with art and how to critique it but we would leave out the frontier of art: digital works. My friend, a film major, talks about all the little decisions directors make when putting together their videos.

Now that I am seriously attempting to put together my own video, I don’t know where to begin; the preverbal struggle of learning something on your own (we can talk about the merits of an independent study in another blog). The tools are easy enough to learn but how to put together an intriguing video people actually want to watch is something that can’t really be learned or even taught; only done. It’s kind of like cooking. You can be taught the spices and what goes together, but to be really successful you just have to practice and test out your product. That takes a serious time commitment.

Taking on that commitment to learn animation just for fun with all sorts of other things going on had to have deterred me (it still does). The interest was there. So, I wonder if I had been exposed to the field more as a young student, would I have seriously delved into the animated arts?

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