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In education, we often see technology as a research tool to access articles and information. Ask Google a question and find the answer. Since the 90’s, we’ve seen games for elementary school children that uses math or teaches vocabulary. I grew up playing computer games like Jump Start, Operation Neptune, Reader Rabbit, Carmen Santiego’s ThinkQuick, and Schoolhouse Rock and had a ton of fun doing math and trying to figure out the answers to move on to the next stage of the game.

I remember in middle school having a Promethean Board in math class but just using it like a white board. In high school, the extent of technology was writing papers, watching movies, and researching topics. We no longer use technology as a platform for learning without actively learning. Wouldn’t it be cool to go back to the days when we can just play a game and learn a concept without realizing it? We did it back in elementary school, why can’t we make learning fun again but still maintain an academic rigor worthy of people over 18 years old?

As I understand it, this is essentially the goal of our Asian American Narratives class. The educational tool we are trying to develop focuses on the Asian American culture and gives us a tool to express what it is like to be Asian American. Our blogs are first person narratives on topics that we, as Asian Americans, find important and give insight into how we see the world around us. Blogs are well and good but there are so many other untouched facets of technology we can be employing that furthers our initiative. Virtual reality videos physically surround its viewer, games force users to adopt a particular mindset, and well made animated videos can give audiences bursts of information while being entertaining. In a globalized world, it is increasingly important to empathize with others, and putting people in our shoes is one way to have others understand us.

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