Sprint 1 Reflection – Summer

Coming into this year I did not expect to be taking part of this Design Thinking independent study. To be frank, I had forgotten about this since the workshop we had last spring and forgot to reply to all of Andrew’s doodle polls and meetings about making this vision a reality. When we first met this semester and had to decide whether to commit to this course, I was nervous that I would get overwhelmed with my other classes or end up treating this too much like an extra-curricular than a real course. However, for these reasons I decided it made sense to do this course to redefine my education and spend time with this dynamic team.

Creating our own syllabus was pretty fun. I have never done an independent study so never had to create my own syllabus so this was a completely new experience for me. We used the generic syllabus on design thinking and then based on our first virtual meeting with Analeise started creating goals and outcomes. This meeting was a springboard for us- we then created our own learning outcomes, goals, and brainstormed ways to keep each other accountable. I liked how we did this independently then as a group, so we could understand the values of one another. I feel like I did not do as much “homework” in comparison to the others (Jennie researched rubrics) but I feel like we all owned a certain part of the syllabus/rubric creation so we did equal work. This has made me realize one of my values in collaborative work is having equal work. That being said, I have noticed people saying things like “I don’t have anything to do” or “I can do this, this and this” and then the group readjusting so that everyone has something to do. The energy has also been pretty high, and we feed off of each other’s ideas.

One of my favorite components is the sprint structure, which I believe gives us the perfect amount of flexibility and time pressure we need to get our project done. When we shared it with Amy on Monday she gave us positive feedback and I am excited about our first sprint.  I think the idea of having a sprint structure was integral in planning our whole syllabus, because it helped us see how often we would have to meet and reflect throughout this process. It gave us something concrete to then build into which I thought was necessary. I am excited and proud of the syllabus and reflective evaluation system we have created together.

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