Sprint 1 Reflection – Annie

How did we go from not sure we were doing this project to a fleshed out syllabus and plan for the semester?

I entered the project thinking I was going to be trying to make Campus as Lab into a class and would be trying to fight my way through bureaucracy in order to do it. So when I went to the first meeting I was there to see what the plan was and to politely back away. However, I was completely shocked at the freedom and exploration that as a group we could undertake. After that first commitment as a group (which took a couple of days – as I don’t think anyone knew what jmm was asking us to do when he asked us to that meeting).

There were four big moments after we agreed to do this project. At first, we leaned on the structure Kristen and jmm had in place for us – to the point where we didn’t meet outside of the spaces they created for us. After the session with Analese – Summer and I were hanging out on Friday and started to revise the syllabus Kristen and others had made for us. I think this was the moment where I found myself thinking through everything we could do and started to chart out the structure for us as a group rather than use the structure given to us. It was while trying to explain what we were doing to my roommate that Summer and I fleshed out a meta vs. local structure for the course. While this is no longer included in our syllabus – this was a useful tool towards constructing the framework of the course while inside it.

Once we started having meetings as the four of us – we began to form as a group and move towards reconstructing the syllabus Kristen provided. This also included create meeting spaces that are free in our schedule every week. The third moment was the exploration of design thinking with the two week start up model. This was a turning point in creating the structure of the course. The two week start up led to an intense revision of the draft syllabus with a focus on accountability including rubrics to grade ourselves and value contracts as a group.

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