Sprint 4 Reflection – Summer

Last week we had super productive sessions prototyping, beginning with a skype session with Amy. She pushed us to stop ideating and start prototyping, and without that nudge I feel like we could have ideated for the rest of the semester. Then we had another meeting and after some white boarding we decided to focus on some sort of prototype that would spotlight classroom practices that are follow a more “feminist/progressive” pedagogy, and feel experiential in class. That is not to say we don’t like the way teachers teach now, or that they aren’t already doing so, but we want to capture teachers who do and create a way to share these experience. I’m nervous about making teachers feel bad, proposing something that only a small amount of students want (like us) and that many students hate, and burning bridges. Is this a risk worth taking? Is there a way to do this in a nice way?

Also as a side note, I think our group needs to be super accountable for each other this sprint. We are all ENFP, aka people who love to ideate but struggle putting our ideas into action. Our accountability has been less (I am writing this reflection a week late, sometimes we all forget to slack, we don’t trello anymore… is this a problem?) Anyway, it might be a problem or not. But I know our personalities are prone to get stuck at this stage.

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