Sprint 4 Reflection – Annie

This week I have felt a sense of distance and lack of motivation surrounding the project. I think we have had a remarkably upbeat past 7 weeks but this rushed cut short mini sprint exhausted us. Aside from personal reasons, I feel I have been distracted during the session in part because we are all friends and just want to hang out but also because we are always hungry during the session. I think we need to start meeting in places where we can have food and whiteboards – unfortunately no such place currently exists.

I think the initial adrenaline and excitement of this all has finally died down for me – thus, I find myself at a pivot point. I could easily pivot away from this and focus my attentions outside of the DLRD space or I could pivot back into the depths of experimental pedagogy. I think I shy away from moments like this – I don’t like to acknowledge that I have ended up in the boundary waters of a space therefore making it easier to leave.

I want to come back into this – especially if the rest of the group wants to as well. I think I have identified a few key events that have pushed me out into the boundary waters. The first is the meeting with Amy, I think we needed to have talked to her a few weeks earlier so that we could have focus on prototyping and understanding that we were in the diamond pattern shape.

I think we are having class time at a time that we are used to have free to share with friends, do work, or meet with other club groups. I think this has negatively impacted our ability to do academic work as we do not associate that time with the kind of work we want to do.

I think the other main point for me was that the energy level was super low with the group. Generally, if one person is fading out, the group brings them back in. This time the entire group was checked out. I think we will have an opportunity to check back in with our entire process and refocus as a group.

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