Sprint 2 Reflection – Summer

I was the sprint leader for this and was definitely more of a hands-off leader. Two reasons I did this were:

1)    I did not know what kind of leader the group needed/what kind of structure we needed
2)    Based off of our work with Mike, I know that we all like to collaborate and generally hate hierarchy.

I think being more hands off kind of worked because we always made to do lists which we got done by the end of our class time, but I definitely think we could have gotten more work done with more structure. Also the way I started meetings was always awkward because I didn’t want to be leading it too much, even if I had a few ideas in mind. I definitely felt like I could have facilitated more and trusted my gut on ideation.

In terms of moments this sprint when I felt most comfortable/uncomfortable, I usually felt very comfortable when we were going around at the white boards and then sharing our insights. I found that to be challenging and fun, such as when we were plotting departments against a scale of “most and least likely to use design thinking” because I got to think about how different classes asses themselves. I did not feel comfortable when Andrew said he couldn’t come to the meeting and I didn’t want to say it was okay but Annie did that anyway. (Adding plot twist post reflection, Annie was late the next day too so i think we all need alarms and human GPS trackers because we depend on each other)

I think I was pretty committed to the group this week. I put together an old powerpoint tool kit and hope it is helpful for people in the future. In general I was pretty excited about this project this week and would think about it in class or when I couldn’t go to sleep. Healthy habits? I definitely need to get better about advocating for my ideas because I have a lot of them.

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