Sprint 2 Reflection – Jennie

The best and worst thing about this course is that it is ever-changing. We are now at the point where we transition from structuring to actually doing, experiencing. We have spent the past 3-ish weeks laying out what were are going to do this semester, but we have given ourselves the freedom to always go back to that structuring phase. I mean is this version of the syllabus our prototype? How many times can we iterate the process of designing our independent study and still participate in the course? I may not be making sense right now, but what I mean to say is that I think we need boundaries. I think we need to tell ourselves, “Ok, this is our first prototype. We need to move on from the syllabus and actually go through the process of answering our secondary question. Let us now be the test subjects.”

Maybe you all feel like we can do both though. I think that starting now I need to be in the mindset of the student. And then every other Friday, during the reflection sessions, I can be the designer again and reflect on my life as the student.

These feelings and thoughts came about after/during last night’s session when I realized just how much work we must do to even scratch the surface of our milkshake question. I am anxious about what we will be able to accomplish and I fear that if we do not mentally and emotionally commit to our syllabus–perhaps after we get Hannah’s, Fuji’s, Kristen’s and JMM’s feedback–then we will never be able to get anything done.

So, I think we should sign the syllabus as if it is the United States Constitution and we are going to just see how starting a new nation, or course, goes.

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