Sprint 2 Reflection – Annie

I was surprised I was surprised that Mike said we all had the same myers briggs type – we all so obviously fulfill the campaigner type. I then started to reflect on how we differ – how we each individually embody the ENFP.

I started to reflect on what Jennie brought up that it feels like I know what is going on because I end up ‘guiding’ the conversation and through that holding the power of determining when we have ‘arrived.’

I know I can fade back from the main conversation and slip into a facilitator role, partially because it is habit for me to do that in a group situation but, also because I feel that I can make a decision that we then roll with cause we are ENFP. In stepping into that facilitator role, my intention is to make sure there is space for everyone to talk and throw around ideas – I had not considered the implications of that move.

I am concerned that we won’t be able to make the best mvp because of our types. I think we have to be super aware of how we decide things. I think we should incorporate the ‘hat’ activity Summer mentioned.

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks I am also frustrated at how we have been interacting with our resource community.  I think I had expectations of more involvement with JMM and Kristen. I understand that they have soo much on their plate particularly, with the all the structural changes in tech. I think my frustration stems from the miscommunication that occurred. I was under the impression that they knew they were going to give us feedback – therefore I was surprised when that was not the case.

I think we should use the UX group as a stand in maybe? Or we need to be really intentional about creating this resource community?

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