Sprint 1 Reflection – Andrew

I keep on thinking about the goal of integrating process into the structure. It moves in a continuum.

On the one hand, you could have a course that is entirely content-driven. You could memorize everthing in a preordained system of tests, quizzes and lectures – all handed to you.

On the other hand, you could have a course that it entirely process – from beginning to end. Like we mentioned yesterday – what if our dlrd course was entirely a matter of crafting a process whose purpose is to craft a process. The milkshake is the structure to do what we’d done, again.

If, in the first example, you learn/internalize to regurgitate. In the second you learn to learn how to learn.

We need both.

The tendency in all of our conversations is to displace and replace. Our process-driven course could replace traditional courses at Davidson. But that’s not the dream. The dream is to have a place with as many different courses as there are students – as many different and strange and weird models as there are people.

What we’ve done is fundamentally unreplicable. Any attempt to model and recreate our course for another group of students imposes on them the very norms we seek to resist. By subverting the “normal”, we open our minds to new ways of thinking. By imposing our new subversive norms… well. They stop being subversive.

Perhaps the question isn’t, “How can we scale and replicate?” but “How can we facilitate the minimal scaffolding necessary for folks to do whatever the fuck they want?”

What’s the least structure possible needed to get folks to do cool shit? We’ve taken that and run with it in our own random, odd, unexpected way. That’s learning.

Perhaps we must move from conversations about (imposed) structure to conditions of (available) resources.


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