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Indie Ed Tech

DLRD hosted an Indie Ed Tech intimate gathering and design jam on the topic of data ownership, privacy, security, whole person education, and alt funding for the idealism that limits venture capital influence on education.

This inaugural event included several conversations on Indie Ed Tech, with a focus on designing the Personal API. This was an opportunity to better understand how students can control and manage their data via personal APIs.

Posting the Prototype
Photo by Alan Levine:

Ben Werdmuller and Erin Richey of Known, led the student-centered design sprint for a Personal API prototype. Students from Oklahoma, BYU, Georgetown and Davidson guided the student perspective use cases. Jim Groom and Tim Owens of Reclaim Hosting also guided conversations around the Personal API within Domain of One’s Own.

Audrey Watters kicked off the event with a great keynote on open scholarship and agency. She also captured the weekend perfectly in this review. Each of us in attendance and working at the intersection of Domain of One’s Own and the Personal API reflected on the gathering publicly, and Audrey compiled them here.


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