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Final Reflection

I am finished. It has been almost 9 months since I started this UX course. It has been a very frustrating process. I am glad that I followed through and finished. I think with projects like this it is easy to blame others for the shortcomings of your work. I will not do this. I should never […]

Transcribing Interviews

This is not fun. I have completed all of my interviews, but now I need to transcribe all of my interviews. I definitely should have been transcribing after every interview. Transcribing is a very tedious process. At first I felt like I was not getting much out of process as it felt very monotonous. That […]

Don’t Take an Incomplete

When I started the UX course in the Fall I was very excited. With the pace we went in the Fall I decided to take an I and finish the course in my Senior Spring. This was a horrible idea. I have struggled to find the time to finish this project. Every week I keep […]

Focus Group 3

My third focus group consisted of two students which seemed to work much better than my second interview which only had one person. My strategy of having more than one student will continue for the rest of my interviews. In this focus group, I interviewed 2 sophomores who are really good friends with each other. […]

Focus Group 2

For my second interview, I ended up only having one participant. This was an interesting experience as the interview seemed to be less conversational than the first focus group that we ran. In our first focus group, we had 3 participants and they were able to bounce ideas off of each other. This was a […]

Syllabus or Expectations

Last night our group finally connected with Anelise Shrout to flush out our syllabus for the remainder of the semester. Going into the conversation I really didn’t know what to expect from her or the other members of the cohort. Surprisingly, as a group we were very quickly able to articulate what we wanted to get […]


As I have been thinking about my own performance in the UX course I have come to a few short conclusions about what it means to be accountable in terms of our course. For me to be accountable I must first buy into the project. I think I bought into the initial idea of the […]


Who owns a student-designed course? When I first signed up for the UX DLRD course I envisioned a course where the students would design, run, and hold each other accountable. In our course this vision just has not materialized. During my experience it has felt like the course is being driven by staff members.   […]