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Blog Post 9-Wrapping Up

Writing the final report for DLRD was tricky. I had to go through all of my old transcripts and select what I thought was most important – but without letting my personal ideal for the project affect what I chose. I found that there were several commonalities in what people suggested, but some answers were […]

Blog Post 8- Last Interviews

As I mentioned earlier, my last round of interviews during fall semester didn’t go well, or go at all. This left me to text people I knew asking for skype interviews. Unluckily, all my Davidson friends were at Davidson and studying for finals. I waited until break started, but then, of course, people wanted to […]

Blog Post 7: Finals Week

This was a week when I was very, very crunched for time. I left Davidson early on the 10th, and I was nowhere near done with my interviews. I think that at the start of the week, I had four more left to do, and of course had to work on finals as well. Unfortunately, […]

Blog Post 6 – Second Round of Interviews

Blog Post 6 – Nov 27- Dec 3 This was the week that I came back and really had to gear into getting user interviews. However, this week, I only remember getting about 2. I had emailed two people over the break, but none of them responded. I ended up having to talk to previous […]

Blog Post 5: First Prototype Interview

This may be Thanksgiving week, but it doesn’t mean that the work is over! The opposite, in fact. I spent the last few days of my break interviewing a friend for HowToCollege, not to mention doing other work. I was lucky enough to have a friend with me to complete both sets of interviews. This […]

Blog Post 4: First User Interviews

Blog Post 4 This week, we started the drawn-out process of interviewing people for HowToCollege. We were supposed to get five interviews. I got three. As soon as I started the process, I confronted a certain difficulty: that of finding participants. How were we supposed to do it? I reached an awkward conclusion. I emailed […]

Blog Post 3: Moving forward with User Interviews

We’re about to move into the next stage of our project: User interviews for HowToCollege. I anticipate that we will face two difficulties as we start conducting our user research: finding participants and completing our interviews on time. These two problems boil down to accessibility and accountability. I already am feeling the time crunch: how will […]

Blog Post 2: Accountability in UX

As I finally close out my course, the first thing I feel is relief. But then I think back: some parts of the course didn’t end that well. I consistently turned in the Unit projects later and later as the course went on. Why was that? I have a few suggestions for improving the way […]

Reflection 10/24

I’m about to finish my UX course, which has me thinking about all the ways that the process could improve. I have few problems with the course itself. Most of my issues arose from a lack of follow-ups during the process. It would have really helped to meet with others weekly to discuss our progress, what […]