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ExpectAsian- Melissa final

As my time at Davidson comes to an end, I look forward to finishing up the last of my school work. While this class wasn’t the priority it was last spring, I think that my efforts for the class have demonstrate that will effort toward something can wane, interest still remains. I may not have […]

Blog Post-Melissa

As the semester begins to rap up, and assignments start flooding in from my other classes, I do have to remind myself that this is a real class that I am receiving a grade in. With that in mind I will say that as a second semester senior I have enjoyed the flexibility of this […]


I haven’t made as much progress on my semester project as I would like. Figuring out how to plot the points on the map in Neatline is a tad more challenging than I would like. I’m also not sure how much I enjoy the digital aspect of the project. While I like the idea of […]

ExpectAsian Post-Melissa

This week I used Venngage to make an infographic to explain the bamboo ceiling. It was certainly more challenging than I thought it would be to conceptualize how I wanted to display the information. There were also some limitations of the tool that I used although it was certainly easier than starting from scratch. Part […]

ExpectAsian 5- Melissa

Neatline has been installed in the Omeka site I’m using. I’ve begun playing around with the plugin and started adding in some of my data points. I’ve also looked at other sites regarding each of the areas that I want to plot onto my exhibit in order to get an idea of how I want […]

ExpectAsian- Melissa

After exploring some current sites about the history of Filipinos in St. Malo, Japanese internment camps in Arkansas, and the Vietnamese community in New Orleans I found some interesting trends in the way these communities are present online. For the most part, the areas around them brag about the community’s added diversity even though some […]

ExpectAsian Blog Post 3-Melissa

This week I met with Dr. Kabala about digital tool suggestions and platforms for digital museum exhibits. His suggestions of Omeka and Neatline inspired me to look into creating a map that digitalizes ethnic enclaves within the South. I hope to use it to map migration patterns and immigration within the South in order to […]

ExpectAsian-Blog Post 2

I finished the storyboard this week and spoke to Fuji about it. I’m broadening some of the content, so it may take longer to finish than expected. The structure of the class feels like we’re members of a team working on a group project, which makes it easier to bounce ideas off of each other and receive […]

Blog Post 1

In creating this class, the incorporation of technology into the objectives was useful for thinking about the kinds of goals we can accomplish in a semester. When beginning to think about the creation of an exhibit similar to those available in Asian American museums, using different forms of multimedia to create a robust exhibit is […]