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Blog Post #7 Melech

Unity is going somewhat well! Fuji rescheduled our digital module meeting but I have the physics and basic animations sorted out for this narrative.  The hardest part of the whole process really was just the, at times, confusing interface of Unity. The coding of the physics and the controllers were much more straight forward than […]

Blog Post #6 Melech

My proposal has been approved by Dr. Fuji, but learning Unity has really slowed down because I have been concentrating on the more thematic side of my narrative.  I have even asked for an extension on my digital module assignment because I felt that I was not ready to present what I have learned within […]

Blog Post #5 Melech

During this week the group was mostly concentrating on submitting our final project proposals to Dr. Fuji.  We are at the point where we have a concrete plan on where we want our individual projects to go and how to get the project off the ground.  Within my own project I am currently in the […]

Blog Post #4 Melech

I researched the formal psychological methods for shaping and maintaining one’s identity and I found an article by Dr. Mardi J. Horowitz that completely describes the process of how we organize our identity.  The events that will take place within my narrative will be the “inputs” that she describes that go towards “self-schemas” that we […]

Blog Post # 3 Melech

As I narrow down my narrative concerning Asian identity, I have begun the learning process for creating content on Unity Engine.  I am utilizing the tutorials provided by Unity to delve into its inner workings.  I started with this tutorial to get an understanding of how rudimentary 3D models and physics work within Unity.  Most of […]

Blog Post #2 Melech

The entire independent study group went to ECAASU 2017 in addition to some general members from the Asian Culture Awareness Association (ACAA).  We are quite invested within ACAA because we are executive board members and our digital narratives class is an extension of our desire to promote Asian culture on campus.  I saw this conference […]

Blog Post #1 Melech

Expressing and immortalizing narratives has always been important to me.  It preserves perspectives paramount to the development of identity and allows them to be shared.  With this group independent study we can bring about different aspects of Asian-American life.  Our group meets twice a week in the evenings where we have a discussion day and […]