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First two focus group interviews

I had my first interviews (two focus groups of two students each) this past week. I focused on the user research portion, not the prototype version. When Erika was here, we decided as a team that for each interview we would only use one set of questions (either user research or prototype testing) so as […]

Random samples

Will, Laya, and I have begun our interview process. Initially John-Michael recommended looking into a way to randomly select the students in our focus sessions. We reached out to a professor he recommended and asked how to conduct a random survey of students to email. In this whole process, we hit two walls. First, Laya […]

Following up

Career services reiterates the importance of networking, of reaching out and making connections, making phone calls, and making meaningful conversations happen. After this week of DRLD, though, I would like to add something about the importance of following up. I believe that arguably more important is writing that thank you email or scheduling that coffee […]

Calling Anelise

Last week Will, Laya, and I found a table outside New Summit and called Anelise Shrout to conduct our syllabus build. I was not very much looking forward to it. I felt like it was an unnecessary step that only slowed us down from moving ahead into phase 2. But, John-Michael recommended it, and we […]

Reflecting on UX

I remember being surprised when I checked the UX General Assembly Course Unit 6 section. In the trenches of units 3-5, I had wanted to find some inspiration in my “classmates’” final projects, or at least get an idea of what work was coming my way. Out of thirty or so course participants, three had […]


John-Michael recommended our forums this week be about accountability. I am most definitely one who needs it. I recently read Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before, about forming good habits that stick with us. She divides people into four categories based on how they respond to expectations. These are:   Upholders: will meet external AND […]

How do you feel?

How do you feel? It’s the most cliché therapist question ever. However, I’ve found when I actually ask people I’m sitting with, how do you feel, they usually bubbles over with emotions and insights and real things, as if they’ve just been waiting for someone to finally ask. I’m a psychology major. I want to […]