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If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this course, I would not be able to give a response without asking some questions first. Based on my conversations with my cohort, enrolling in the course having a computer science background was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed me to understand the material quicker, and […]

SQL and Advising

One of the more difficult sections of devbootcamp was the SQL section where we used SQL to make different databases. After completing the SQL week, I knew that I wanted to incorporate SQL into my final project because doing so will allow me further explore its capabilities, particularly in a more dynamic form through a […]

Introduction to Ruby

My experience learning ruby has been one with very few rocky moments, because I learned python last semester and am currently learning Java. I soon realized that learning a programming language is very similar to learning how to ride a bike. The first time you learn how to ride a bike, the experience will surely […]

Consider as a CS lab Course

When I first signed up for this course, I was going to take it as my 5th class, in addition to two math classes, a computer science class, and an economics class. After speaking to both students, professors, and staff members, I decided not to take economics and instead take this course as one of […]

What I Learned

Now that I am done with this course, I definitely would attribute my improvement in maximizing my resources to this course. One of the most commendable components of this course is the focus on encouraging its students to research external resources to complete their project, whether its Stack Overflow, another student in the cohort, or […]

Final Project RoadBlocks

After pivoting from a google plugin focused project to webpage, I had to revisit the section in devbootcamp where I learned Sinatra, an open-source web application software library. As exciting as it was to use a skill I learned in devbootcamp, I quickly realized that devbootcamp lessons on Sinatra were not too intensive. I initially […]

Final Project Execution

After establishing my goal of my final project, I quickly began running to many challenges. My first challenge revolved around learning how to create a google plugin using Google APIs and raw code. I spent countless hours figuring out how I could open a dynamic webpage using my google plug in. After voicing my concerns […]

Final Project Proposal

My final project proposal was initially a google chrome plug-in that will facilitate take home quizzes given by the computer science department at Davidson. The week after completing the devbootcamp coursework and requirements, I began brainstorming with my advisor Dr. Ramanujan about a tool that could be instrumental for either students or professors at Davidson. […]

Benefits of Being a CS Major

One of the my biggest advantage coming in was my experience using a programming language, python. I saw that many of the things my peers were difficult to take grasp of, I had already done the previous semester. I definitely did struggle with the material the first time I saw it in the Fall 2016. […]