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An HTML email or a simple web page 3/22/17.

What a crushing blow. I just video called my advisor after much anticipation. I was hoping to find out what I would be able to accomplish regarding the final project. His response? An HTML email or a simple web page. Ugh. 9 weeks of torture for an HTML email or a simple web page? Words […]

Week 7 assessment is a bust…3/15/17

I got back to America on Friday and spent the night with my family in Jacksonville. Me and two of my friends were tasked with the seven hour car trip of driving to Davidson on Saturday morning. I had to be back to babysit on Saturday night so that I could make $$$. Sometimes I […]

Wow, Ruby is really difficult. 2/25

Ummm…what is Ruby? What does it do? Why is it useful? Is it similar to anything we’ve seen before? Is it easy to learn? Wait, really…what is it? These are the main questions I had when clicking the dreaded “Start week 3, Ruby” button. I had a misconception of Devbootcamp, mostly my fault. I’m not […]

Google hangouts…my new worst nightmare…2/23/17

I have begun to hate mandatory pairing sessions and GPS sessions because of google hangouts. Google hangouts has so many issues and it has proven to be such a waste of time. You schedule a time to meet with someone but because of google hangouts, your actual meeting is about 10 minutes later, by the […]

I actually kinda like this…2/6/2017

I’ve gotten to a point where I actually feel like I can do this and do this well. I am really enjoying HTML and CSS and getting to explore guides, stack overflow, and the dev-curriculum. I am also really liking pairing and the GPS sessions. I really enjoy working through problems with my peers to […]

Okay, this isn’t so bad…1/2/2017

So far, so good. I like HTML a lot. I think it’s really cool to see what a website starts, especially when I see a website like CNN. To think someone spent the time to code out the entire website! In thinking about what my website with simple text on it looks like in comparison […]