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Now I Think Differently

It makes sense that this course would change the way I work through challenges and undertake coding projects. Some of those changes come from the new skills I have learned – Git workflow, peer pairing, wire framing, user-centered design to name a few. I was, for example, able streamline my drafting process in designing the website […]

DBC Advising

One of the communication challenges during the semester was that my DBC advisor seemed not to know anything about our independent study. This made it challenging to ask for accommodations or communicate when my individual expectations did not align with those DBC had for its students. It made me more hesitant to reach out to […]

What Changes When You Pass/Fail

I know that mid-way through week seven of the semester (week six of DBC) my engagement and stake in the course fundamentally changed. I do not know how much of that change came in the moment I decided I needed to prioritize my thesis whatever the costs to my independent study grade might be, and […]

The Art of the Trade-Off

One of the unexpected opportunities this course provided me was the chance to reflect on the academic structure at Davidson and how I’ve been taught to learn. The opportunity for this type of reflection came up in many aspects of the course, from taking my first foray into online learning, to constructing and re-constructing my […]

Guests in Class

I appreciated that we could ease up on the expectations for our class meetings as we finished with our DBC work and moved towards our independent projects. That transition felt natural and appropriate. I also enjoyed when Tifé brought his mentor/friend to class to speak about digital design consulting, and I think it would be […]

Too Many Cooks?

Although I was told on several occasions that my experience in this course was mine to craft for myself, I often struggled to find the tools to do so. That was, in part, because the initiative lay with me, but the means and the knowledge seemed to lie with other people. Many other people. Too […]

On Quitting

During week six of DBC, going into spring break with a major thesis deadline looming, I realized, somewhat abruptly, that continuing in the same way I had been would lead to unsuccessful outcomes in both the bootcamp and my thesis. The first thing I did when I realized I had to quit – and really, it […]

Peer Pairing

Looking back on DBC, one of my favorite aspects of the program was peer pairing. Working with another Dev gave me the opportunity to learn from someone else’s skills and short cuts. Although pairing was helpful generally, I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to pair with non-Davidson Devs through Google Hangouts. These pairings gave me the […]

The Value of Pre-Program work

Week four of Phase 0 opened with a different type of challenge. The directions opened, “Some time ago, DBC released a free introductory Ruby mini-course that is now part of our admissions process. That’s cool! … But because the course was released recently, it’s possible that not every student has seen it. That’s awkward.” Although […]