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Sprint 4 Reflection – Jennie

The past sprint has been slightly hectic. We began by finalizing our prototype and fleshing out our research procedure. This involved a lot of administrative work, including applying for IRB exemption, emailing, coordinating, etc. Because we had to do all of this busy work and make various small decisions as a group, we were forced […]

Sprint 4 Reflection – Annie

This week I have felt a sense of distance and lack of motivation surrounding the project. I think we have had a remarkably upbeat past 7 weeks but this rushed cut short mini sprint exhausted us. Aside from personal reasons, I feel I have been distracted during the session in part because we are all […]

Sprint 4 Reflection – Andrew

Imagine a course without instruction. Four students with an idea of an idea, and a set of credits at the end. We’re now two-ish months into this experiment, more independent than most independent studies and I’m still not sure what to make of it. This past week was a week of reclamation, returning from the […]

Sprint 4 Reflection – Summer

Last week we had super productive sessions prototyping, beginning with a skype session with Amy. She pushed us to stop ideating and start prototyping, and without that nudge I feel like we could have ideated for the rest of the semester. Then we had another meeting and after some white boarding we decided to focus […]

Sprint 3 Reflection – Summer

3 key moments for me this sprint focus on the strength of our interdisciplinary group, power dynamics, and how I feel like our class gives us the chance burst the Davidson bubble.     The power of our different backgrounds has been key in our process. First, Andrew brought up his idea about using a sprint cycle. […]

Sprint 3 Reflection – Jennie

Last night we spoke to John Michael and reflected on the past two sprints as well as discussed next steps. We mainly talked about how we have felt kind of on our own the past several weeks and how to avoid feeling that in the future. I felt frustrated during the conservation because it seemed […]

Sprint 2 Reflection – Summer

I was the sprint leader for this and was definitely more of a hands-off leader. Two reasons I did this were: 1)    I did not know what kind of leader the group needed/what kind of structure we needed 2)    Based off of our work with Mike, I know that we all like to collaborate and generally hate […]

Sprint 2 Reflection – Annie

I was surprised I was surprised that Mike said we all had the same myers briggs type – we all so obviously fulfill the campaigner type. I then started to reflect on how we differ – how we each individually embody the ENFP. I started to reflect on what Jennie brought up that it feels […]

Sprint 2 Reflection – Jennie

The best and worst thing about this course is that it is ever-changing. We are now at the point where we transition from structuring to actually doing, experiencing. We have spent the past 3-ish weeks laying out what were are going to do this semester, but we have given ourselves the freedom to always go […]