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Why Sensemaker for Innovation Accounting

The research of digital learning plays a significant role in a time of change. The systematic study and application of new models, methods, and processes examines our value assumptions while deepening our understanding of learning in the digital age. As higher education continues to go digital, employing new methods of experimentation and research can help […]

Indie Ed Tech

DLRD hosted an Indie Ed Tech intimate gathering and design jam on the topic of data ownership, privacy, security, whole person education, and alt funding for the idealism that limits venture capital influence on education. This inaugural event included several conversations on Indie Ed Tech, with a focus on designing the Personal API. This was […]

Davidson Domains

Photo by Alan Levine: http://flickr.com/photos/cogdog What is Davidson Domains? From Mark Sample’s post “What are the bottlenecks of Davidson Domains?“: “Davidson Domains is a pilot program that gives faculty, staff, and students a “domain of one’s own”—an online space for blogs, exhibits, research, creative work, portfolios, web development, programming, and more. Users name their domain […]

Domains Portal Sprint

  We’re wrapping up our first year of Davidson Domains, to the tune of 800+ student and faculty domains online. Now that we’ve gotten our feet wet, we are investigating the potential for deepening new kinds of community and agency. How might we network in a virtual space that is both individual and collective? To that end, we’ve […]

Alt Scholarship Design

Looking ahead to 2050, the college seeks to be inspired by ideas for our goal of fostering forward-thinking academic initiatives that have strong faculty leadership/investment, that build on Davidson’s strengths, and that speak to student interests.   Facilitated by Allison Dulin Salisbury of EdSurge, 0ver 30 Davidson students and faculty engaged in design-thinking to incubate ideas for […]