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Blog Post 11 — Adrianne

Now at the semester’s end, I’d like to reflect on what I’ve learned throughout this class. 1)      I do not want to be an animator 2)      2D Animation is pretty fun and simple but takes FOREVER 3)      Subliminal messaging is totally a thing and it’s pretty hard to do 4)      The storyboard is very important […]

Blog Post 10 — Adrianne

Learning how to make the web pages and the videos, gives you a leg up in the work place. I am going into consulting so knowing how the coding and interface works gives me an advantage when talking to companies that want to work on their websites and customer service experience. However, this knowledge is […]

Blog Post 9 — Adrianne

The other day, I happened across a BBC article on how children feel about their parents’ use of technology. It talked about how kids think that their parents’ use of technology takes away from their time with family. Their parents are always working and they simply want them to stop for a little to spend […]

Blog 7-8 — Adrianne

Reflections on the technology in our lives It is crazy to think that 20-30 years ago, computers and internet were hard to come by. Now, everyone is attached to their phones like it’s their fifth limb. I don’t think some of my younger cousins and friends could survive without their laptops or televisions. I see […]

Blog 6 — Adrianne

To me, this independent study is one a long project. Some days, it doesn’t even feel like a class. We show up to class, work on our blogs and our project, get as much as we can do done then go home. It’s like a job… which I think I enjoy. When we’re working, we […]

Blog Post 5 – Adrianne

I have begun to learn After Effects and……….. it is hard. My fear that animation is far too time consuming is coming true. I spent a good 4-5 hours on 10 seconds of film. I repeat 10 seconds of film and 4 hours of work. This is why I did not want to be an […]

Blog 4 — Adrianne

Unfortunately, trial and error projects don’t tend to coincide well with traditional classrooms. As I talked about before, I had always thought animation projects were a huge time commitment and something that had to be done simply by doing. Because we didn’t talk about it in school, if I picked it up, it would have […]

Blog 2 — Adrianne

Continuing to reflect on the role technology plays in education, I believe technology can move us away from the traditional word and ink into an immersive, subconscious level of thinking. As I said before, one of the great things about children’s educational games is that children learn problem solving and fine motor skills without realizing […]

Blog 3 — Adrianne

My classmates and I decided to put together a video on Asian American history. I have always been interested in animation and my classmates wanted to put together something new for the ExpectAsian website. So this week, to start on it I began to learn After Effects and I began to wonder, why haven’t I […]